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Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter 2009, edition 14
October 2, 2009

Homecoming 2009

The football games were really exciting on Homecoming weekend, September 26, with Big Bear Varsity going intothe third quarter with a lead on San Jacinto High school. Then the wheels came off and we lost 42 to 23. San Jacinto was favored to win by several touchdowns and it looked like a big upset in the making. It was not to be. That did not dampen the spirits at the Homecoming dance at the High School or the Alumni Reunions of the class of 1989, and the classes of 1978, 79 and 80. The excitement was in the air for the reunions and I was privileged to attend both of them. Thanks to the class reunion of 78, 79, and 80 for the teddy bear to commemorate my attendance. Thanks to all the alumni who spent hours planning and executing the reunions. You were great!!!!! Al

MINI GRANTS 2009-2010

Each year the Stephen G. Mihaylo/ Big Bear High Foundation has teachers send in requests to compete for a Teacher Mini Grant for students. Thanks to the hard work of Laura Bulrice, we can now announce this year's winners: S. G. Mihaylo Mini Grant Recipients for 2009, as decided by the S. G. Mihaylo Education Foundation Programs Committee and confirmed by the Foundation Board:
  1. Share the Love Garden is a proposal for North Shore Elementary School by Karin Powell. The project is requesting funds to purchase materials, seeds, tools, storage, lumber, etc. to enable the students, along with staff and community members, to create a protected, raised bed garden at the school. Through their efforts of planning, building, planting, maintaining and harvesting a garden, the students will be given the opportunity to beautify their school and feed their minds and bodies with healthy nutrition that they grow themselves. This is a student-driven and sustained project that can have tremendous impact in the development of the community and social values for all students. This proposal is requesting $4000.00 and would ultimately affect 470 students.

  2. Restoration/Reclamation of Discarded Band Instruments is a proposal from Howard Antmann at Big Bear Middle School. The project requests funds to "triage" 60 band instruments that have been discarded in previous years because they are in need of parts or repair. Minor repairs on the instruments would be done by the teacher with purchased repair parts. The increase in availability of refurbished, previously unusable band instruments would achieve two goals: (1) more instrument availability equals the ability to reach more students with music; and (2) the increase in the variety of instruments allows for the creation of a truer full-score band sound. This proposal will affect approximately 100 students this year. The proposal requests $2000.00.

  3. Peace Garden Irrigation System is a proposal from Big Bear Elementary School by Nicol Erdmier and requests funds to help with an irrigation system to water the existing Peace Garden. The Peace Garden is a wonderful accent to student education as the students learn life skills as they are taught to properly plant seeds, cultivate soil, water, prune, and harvest vegetables, plants, flowers, and fruit trees. Working alongside the students there are numerous employees and community volunteers that commit time to maintain this garden and orchard. The students, in turn, develop interests and social skills as they interact with the community members and volunteers and learn agriculture and horticulture development. The proposed irrigation system is needed in order to be able to allow our volunteer man hours to be used to develop more crops and not just water them. The project will allow students in all grades K-6 to grow more crops in order to produce more food to feed our students and the community in abundance each year as well as control water costs. (The 2009 harvest from this garden yielded over 150 bags of fresh fruit and vegetables handed out to families of students and community members in August and September.) The request is for $3606 and it affects the entire school community of 375 students. This proposal will be partially funded in the amount of $2103.00.

  4. Writing for Excellence Training is a proposal from Big Bear Middle School teacher, Amy Fuller. The proposal requests $700 to purchase training and curriculum materials for nine BBMS staff members for the "Writing for Excellence" program that has been developed to help students achieve better test scores on standardized testing. The training will bring in consultants for a staff training session and there are 11 more slots for other staff (possibly from other schools). BBMS has agreed to pay for the substitute teachers on the day of training for their nine teachers. This funding of this proposal for $700 would ultimately affect 522 students at the middle school and possibly students from other schools as well.
The lead teachers will be notified by e-mail letter that will also give instructions on how to order equipment, etc. through their site. The total amount of funded proposals for 2009 is $8,803.00. This year, the Programs Committee considered eleven applications requesting a total of $29,502.76. Thank you for your time and efforts in helping to make the S. G. Mihaylo Education Foundation Mini-Grant application process work to continue to teach our students motivated and learning with new and innovative projects.

Here is a letter we received from one of the mini grant winners:
Dear Mihaylo Mini Grant Committee:

Thank you so very much for granting us the funds to restore and reclaim our damaged and previously abandoned band instruments. I am aware that many other worthy causes were presented to the committee, and I am thrilled that you saw the logic of our need as deserving of your support. By embarking on this project, we will now expand the range of timbres (sound colors) in the BBMS band to include instruments that are in non-working conditions, and that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace. Ordinarily, we could never afford to add these instruments to our band, despite the fact that such instruments are common components of regular school bands. Just as exciting, we can now offer more instruments to students who may not be able to afford to rent them, and we can also offer a larger variety of instruments for students to choose from. This will help to feed the music program at BBHS, and will introduce more instrumentalists into their program to continue their studies under the talented direction of Karl Thompson. I know that I speak for Principal Chamberlin, as well as for myself, when I say that we are very excited about reviving Big Bear Middle School's band program. As educators and as parents of children for whom music has been an intrinsic part of their lives' fulfillments, Julie and I truly have witnessed the impact and the importance of music in the total package of a child's educational experience.

Upon hearing that we received this award, my first impulse was to shout from the rooftops just how wonderful you folks are, but since my climbing skills are not that great, and my voice not that strong, I will start by arranging an interview on the local radio show, where I will talk about the SGM Grant and our mutual endeavor. Also, I will embark on a campaign to publicize progress on this instrument restoration program, and the part that SGM is playing. I will keep you updated on our progress and band activities, and I will also keep you informed about public relations activities along the way. Thank you once again- from me, from Ms. Chamberlin, for BBMS, for our students, and for our community.

Howard L. Antmann

Nice note from Judy (Edison) Bartlett, class of 1963.
Spent a month traveling with Mom who will be 87 in November. Visited my brother Jimmy who now lives in South Dakota, stopped at Mt. Rushmore on the way. Went to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Dinosaur National Monument, Flaming Gorge, and back to Colorado. On the way home from Colorado went through Bryce and Zion. After one year of complete retirement, I am now back three days a week at one of the inner-city high schools working with at-risk students... (or should I say most at-risk as being at an inner-city high school has inherent risks). I am able to still take off whenever I want, so we just spent 9 days boating at Havasu and Parker. I missed the newsletter for about a year, but now am back on my old school email.

Judith Eidson-Bartlett Class of 63
Editor note: Wow, I was her teacher. We are all gaining on the years. I'm now into my second year of retirement. Can you believe the first class you had at BBHS (I was a teacher at BBHS) is now retirement age?

Lost Ring

In the summer of 1947, I was a student in the graduatingclass. One day I had been working out at a local gym owned by Agagenian (not sure of the spelling). It was just up from the main part of town (Big Bear Lake) above the bowling alley etc. I was working out on the rings andhigh bar so I removed the two rings from my finger and forgot them when I left. One of the rings was our class ring from Class of 1947. It seems a boyhad picked them up and took them home, which was nearby. I got the cheap ringback but the father had taken the class ring for security. I never got it back. It was marked inside with either J. Gary Johnson or J. G. Johnson or Gary Johnson. I realize it is a long shot, but thought maybe someone mighthave turned it in to the lost and found. Stranger things have happened.

Hopefully, Gary Johnson
582 Lomas Rd.
Jacksonville, Or. 97530
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