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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
April 2, 2008

Note From Cindy (Pearson) Gates Class of 71

Received this wonderful note from Cindy (Pearson) Gates class of 1971. I wrote to her and asked her if I could put her note in the next alumni email.
She wrote:

Hi Doctor Waner,

Mom said she heard from you and she was so pleased to touch base with Big Bear. She speaks to Irma Hartwell frequently and still holds Big Bear close to her heart, as do I. She just had a second surgery on her hip and is doing well. Yesterday when I called, she was making a poster for the bulletin board at the rehab place where she is living. She was writing the lyrics for the old song "Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative," an old Bing Crosby tune I think. That sums it up...she is such a fighter and at the age of almost 89, still keeps current with news and people. My sister Nancy (66') is responsible for her care in San Diego. She is a blessing to me...both Mom and Nancy. Harold and Eileen Graham visited Mom a few weeks ago which brought her great pleasure.

You will appreciate this as an educator. One time I visited Eileen and Mom's classroom (I must have been in college at the time), and the first and second graders were chewing crayons and falling out of their chairs. I asked my mom why she found this interesting and how she could stand it. She told me that she just loved the kids. Well, now I teach middle schoolers (Language Arts, 7th and 8th grades), and guess what? They chew their pencils and fall out of their chairs (and some fall asleep). It makes me I get it!

Anyway, thank you for the updates about the community. I am married to a marathon man and appreciate following Ryan Hall's journey. What a fine young man he must must be the clean air and the camaraderie of the mountain that makes him special. Love to you and your family, and thanks again.

Cindy Pearson Gates '71

Received this interesting note from Bill Cleary in Japan about a week ago:
Hi Al, It is graduation day today at my university, and the ceremony will begin in a few minutes. We are also getting prepared for the move to Hiroshima.

I am not sure if you have read the news, but I am working with the famous LA lawyer, Mark Geragos, on the Miura case. I am getting famous over here and am in a unique position to help the court sort out the issues related to Japanese law.

It is also Good Friday here, and we want to wish you and yours a Happy Easter.


Note to Randy Perkins:

I wrote to Randy Perkins. class of 1971 with the following note:

Here is a good story!!!! Remember two years ago when you gave the check for $100,000 for the Bob Perkins Gym assembly. Ron Dobis selected a student from the 7th and 8th graders to shoot free throws against you during the assembly. Remember - he beat you???? He is now a freshman at the high school and was first team varsity this year and ranked among the leaders in the Inland empire among three point shooters. He has potential to be a good one by the time he is a senior. His name is Owens David. We will see how he does in the future? Good to hear from you.

Randy wrote back:

Send me their schedule next year and I will come watch the team. I am now coaching the Bishop's High School girls Varsity team. We were # 7 in the state last year and could be # 1 next year. You should see these girls play. Talk to you soon.

(Editors note: Randy is competitive as ever. Randy is a big supporter of the Steven G. Mihaylo Education Foundation and is one of main the reasons for the capital campaigns success this year. Way to go Randy!!!!)

I was visiting some of my fieldwork students in the San Bernardino area and came across Karen (Marshall) Craig, class of 65, at Arroyo Valley High School in San Bernardino. I had visited with Karen on several occasions. She is doing a great job as principal in an inner city new high school and was formerly principal of San Bernardino High School. We were bringing each other up to date on happenings and she laughed and said, "I have to go out to my car and get some pictures." She returned with pictures of her in a race car helmet standing besides a race car. She received 30 minutes of instruction from the Drive Tech NASCAR Driving School and then drove 137 miles per hour in a NASCAR racing car on the race tack. Karen and her husband have a home at the river and she drives her supercharged Sea Doos at 70 miles per hour. If you hear a car coming up behind you - watch out - it may be Karen going for the gold. Karen was a student of mine at Big Bear High in the 60's. I am so proud of the work she has done at San Bernardino High and Arroyo Valley High. Her sister, Jill Marshall, is a teacher in Lucerne Valley High School.


President Neal Waner gave the following message to the captains of the capital campaign on March 5, 2008:

Total Pledges are now over $584,000. Total Paid this fiscal year is now just over $231,000, that number will be over $481,000 when Steve's matching check has arrived. Folks, that means we've added almost $500,000 to the endowment in the past year. Wow. What progress!! You all should feel very good about what we've accomplished thus far.

To all the alumni: If you have not had a chance to participate in our capital campaign for the Steven G. Mihaylo/Big Bear High School capital campaign you still have time. Just send in your contribution to SGM/BBHS Education Foundation, Box 1529, big Bear Lake, California, 92315. Remember every dollar you donate is matched by Steve.

The captains are:

  • Alumni Team 1960's and prior: Dick Leroy - (Call Marie Wanke, 909-585-9898)
  • Alumni Team 1970's and 1980's: Cathy Fulton - 909-866-2777
  • Alumni Team 1990's and later: Carrie Boucher - 909-866-6099 (Call Carrie's mom, Barbara in Big Bear)
  • Community Team #1: Tom Johnson - 951-415-3047
  • Community Team #2: Loren Hafen - 951-830-4386

You can also get information from our web site:


The pavers program for Big Bear Middle School has now been revived after a two year hold due to the remodeling in progress at the Middle School. For $30 you can have your name and message inscribed and your brick will placed in the planter wall in the court yard of the Middle School. We now have over 100 bricks purchased for the landscape project. Please follow the instructions below:


Name: __________________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Number of pavers requested: ______________ Check amount: _____________________

(Please fill out a separate form for each paver.)
Please print clearly the message you want on the paver. You may request up to 12 letters per line for three lines. (Please see example below)
First Line: _________________________________________________________
Second Line: ______________________________________________________
Third Line: (OPTIONAL)________________________________________________________
(Please do not exceed 12 letters per line.)

BBMS Student Council
P.O. BOX 1607
Big Bear Lake, California, 92315


Our spring sports are in full swing at the High School. The girls and boys track team, girls softball and boys baseball are all off to a good start. For more thrilling information on the High School sports refer to ll.txt

Nice article in the Big Bear News edition on April 1:
Class of 1968 reunion in October

It was 40 years ago that new faculty members at Big Bear High School included some now long-familiar faces, such as Mr. Bumstead, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Shepson and Mr. LeRoy, and many of those BBHS seniors are still in our community today, if you were to take a glance at the 1968 Timberline-the BBHS annual features Pam Thomas (Wisdom) as the Class of 68's Homecoming Queen, Jim Blauer was voted Most Athletic, and the BBHS Ski Team (pictured above), coached by Ed Stalcup, included Larry Poland, Shelley McGrath (Egan), Bill Lindsey, Steve Blauer and Dave Huether.

For those in the Big Bear High School Class of 1968, the opportunity to relive those memories of 40 years ago-including the football game when the Bears beat Rim 32-18--will come with a class reunion cruise through the Pacific Northwest in October. All BBHS alumni are invited to join the Class of 68 for their 40th reunion, which is scheduled during BVUSD's fall break (October 6-10), so that families can participate. For more information, you can visit or call Debby Hughes, to book your reservation by April 4th, at 584-7525.
Our thanks to Lynda Gipson (McMinnis) for sharing her Timberline with Big Bear News.

(editors note: This was a great class at Big Bear High School. They were an athletic prowess in the Arrowhead League and had many scholars. This should be a great reunion.)
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- Summer 2002, Volume 1, Issue 2: PDF Version (4.4 MB)
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