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February 3, 2008

League MVP Antonia Antes, a Junior on BBHS Volleyball Team, Named to 2nd Team All CIF

Big Bear High School volleyball player Antonia Antes has been honored once again by CIF in a season that already included a DeAnza League championship title for the Lady Bears. Head Volleyball Coach Sonia Groover tells KBHR that in addition to be named the league's Most Valuable Player and, this in just her junior year and only second year on the varsity squad, Antes has recently been named to 2nd Team, All CIF, Division IV, for the entire southern section of California. Groover says, "She went from being the underdog, really, to earning all these big achievements in one year. Antonia is our Cinderella girl, and this is proof of what hard work and determination will earn you." Groover notes that it was other coaches from throughout California who saw 16-year-old Antes in tournament play, and voted her to the distinguished All CIF 2nd Team. "Other coaches from other leagues and divisions watched Antonia and voted for her," Groover adds. "She not only stood out in our league, but in other tournaments. I am very proud of her achievements, and this CIF award is just the icing on the cake."

(Editors note: Yes, you guessed it. Antonia is the daughter of Jeanie Houston Antes, Class of 1978 and Craig Antes, class of 1977.)

Proctor chooses Navy

Judi Bowers
Grizzly, January 23, 2008

Kriss Proctor is thinking of the future-his future at the United States Naval Academy. Proctor chose Navy over several other colleges that were recruiting the three sport athlete. Proctor will play football at the Naval Academy. Proctor says he couldn't pass up the rewards and the opportunities the Naval Academy offered.

Dave Griffiths, Big Bear High School head football coach, is proud of Proctor's choice. He said the conversation he had with Proctor after the senior returned from his visit to the Academy was not focused on football but all the other things the young man experienced. Proctor's father, Kenny, said prior to Kriss making his decision, that his son was thinking about the future, not just the four years of college and football. He was seeing the possibilities beyond.

Received an email from Kevin Amburgery on January 22:

"I'm proud to announce that former NSES student Kriss Proctor will be attending the US Naval Academy on a football scholarship next year. We are very proud of Kriss! Go Navy!"

(Editors note: We are so proud of our seniors who have been awarded scholarships and receive offers from a noteworthy institution of higher learning. Wow!!! It is tough to get an appointment to one of the academies. We all want to take credit and certainly the teachers of our schools can be very proud. Kriss is the son of Ken and Sandie (Sanchez) Proctor. He has been raised in Big Bear and if you follow sports you know that he has achieved at a very high level in athletics in the Inland Empire. We will look for Kriss on T.V. when Navy plays division One Schools next year. His Navy training will be intense and we wish him well. Al)

Five Bears Named to First Team All CIF More honors for BBHS Football

The Big Bear High School Bears football team had five players named to First Team, All CIF, for the southern section of California-those athletes being Jesse Ceron, Kriss Proctor, Max Dobis, Chris Amburgey and Mike Aspiotes. For Amburgey, this was his first year to receive the All CIF honor, the second year for Proctor, Dobis and Aspiotes, and the third year in a row for Ceron.

Per the Bears Head Coach Dave Griffiths, "This is a great recognition for not only these young men, but for our entire program and all the players involved. Individual achievement is never possible without the effort of the entire team." The only football team to receive more honors, per Griffiths, was eventual CIF champion Citrus Hill.

Received this note from Jim Eminger on January 19

It's been a rough year for my class of 1960. When we graduated we were forty strong. As far as I know of we have lost 4. Three of those within the last nine months and two of those within the last month. We will all miss Berkely Stevenson, Kathy Ward, Bob Butcher and Dick Coburn. You can use my note and please add one more name. Dennis Berry, class of 61, passed away yesterday of brain cancer.

Jim Eminger,
President Class of 1960

Ed. note: Thank you Jim for letting us know about your class. Sorry to hear about these good alumni.

Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse project is working hard to make Big Bear a better place for youth. Tim Wood, a successful local realtor, has put his money behind the project and Beth Gardner is leading the organization. Below is a listing of the many 2008 projects of the Light House:

As of: January, 2008

Vision 2008 Community Summit
This will be a collaborative venture with The Lighthouse Project and BVUSD and potentially the City of Big Bear Lake. The purpose of the summit is to "pitch" the vision of a child-honoring community to all local agencies, groups, faith based organizations and clubs and ask them to let us know how they will "get on board". We will facilitate sharing of resources, planning, etc.

Move A Million Miles for Ryan Hall
This is a "community spirit initiative" in celebration of local hero Ryan Hall's triumphant, record breaking qualification for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team. As a measure of our pride in and support for Ryan, we are challenging the community to "move a million miles" by biking, hiking, walking, running - any human powered activity - and logging those miles to a collective community database until we have "moved a million miles" for Ryan. Registration and reporting tools are available at

Radio Campaign
Ongoing radio spots to create awareness of our vision and objectives. Will be presented in English and Spanish. May also be used for recognition of individuals & groups

Bus Stop Ads
Visual ad campaign to create awareness of our vision and objectives. Will be presented in English and Spanish. May also be used for recognition of individuals & groups.

Mayor's Youth Advisory Council
The Lighthouse Project to request of City Council creation of a Youth Advisory Council comprised of qualifying high school age students who will attend and participate in City Council meetings and be used as advisors by the Council when decisions impacting children and youth are to be made.

Youth Master Plan
The Lighthouse Project to request of City Council creation of Youth Master Plan, to be incorporated into the City Plan, which will specify the ways in which the City will proactively support youth development in the community.

Influence Vision Statements Community-Wide
The Lighthouse Project will request of City Council and other influential agencies, clubs and groups, modifications of their vision statements to include within them commitment to a child-honoring community. (This will be one of the objectives of the Vision 2008 Community Summit.)

Peace Builders Pilot at BBES w/BBHS Mentorship
The Lighthouse Project will continue to support Peace Builders at BBES and the BBHS football mentorship of the program through assisting with scheduling and planning for class activities with the football team. The Lighthouse Project will assist BVUSD with seeking funding for Peace Builder expansion to other school sites once pilot program has been evaluated as successful. We will also support the expansion of the mentorship programs to include other high school students.

Hispanic Community Outreach
The Lighthouse Project will actively cultivate representation in our project from the Hispanic community through the following means: radio & bus stop ads in Spanish, Lighthouse Presentations to CBET classes, Lighthouse collaboration with St. Joseph's Catholic church.

Senior Citizen Outreach
The Lighthouse Project will actively cultivate representation in our project from senior citizens. Means to be determined.

Student & Teacher Recognition
The Lighthouse Project will collaborate with BVUSD in creating public recognition programs for exceptional students and teachers. The first effort underway is our "Local Heroes" campaign in which local students will be asked to nominate an adult who has been supportive in their lives as a local hero. The Lighthouse Project will publicly recognize nominees through radio spots & potentially other means.

Monthly Lighthouse Meetings
The Lighthouse Project will host monthly meetings for the purpose of cultivating awareness and involvement, and communicating tools such as positive language, parenting skills, etc. that support the desired cultural shift.

Mix It Up Dinners
The Lighthouse Project will consider ways to continue "Mix It Up" dinners as a means of creating opportunities for connection among community members of all ages.

Daily Messages
The Lighthouse Project will promote daily awareness of its vision and mission through daily thought provoking and/or inspirational messages.

Lighthouse Website
The Lighthouse Project vision, mission and current activities will be posted on its website. The website will also serve as a hub for links to resources that support children and families.

The Lighthouse Project will regularly publish newsletters to promote its vision and mission, publicize initiatives and success stories, provide thought provoking, inspiring and skill building information.

Business Community Involvement
The Lighthouse Project will meet with the business community to share its vision and mission, and brainstorm ways in which businesses can be represented and integral to the community cultural shift.

Lighthouse Grants and Scholarships
The Lighthouse Project, in conjunction with the Mihaylo Foundation, will create grants and scholarships designed specifically to motivate and support young people wishing to undertake projects or working in community service that support the vision and mission of The Lighthouse Project.


The BIG news from the Steven G. Mihaylo Big Bear High School Education Foundation is the ongoing Capital Campaign which started in October. The foundation is hoping to raise $250,000 for the Scholarship and Teacher Grants programs. Every donated penny will be matched by Steve Mihaylo. Our Foundation Endowment is now over $1,000,000 and we are excited about the prospect of adding to our scholarship fund. Our team captains will be leading the campaign. Neal Waner has volunteered to serve as the Campaign Chairman. The captains are:

  • Alumni Team 1960's and prior: Dick Leroy -(Call Marie Wanke, 909-585-9898)
  • Alumni Team 1970's and 1980's: Cathy Fulton - 909-866-2777
  • Alumni Team 1990's and later: Carrie Boucher - 909-866-6099 (Call Carrie's mom, Barbara in Big Bear)
  • Community Team #1: Tom Johnson - 951-415-3047
  • Community Team #2: Loren Hafen - 951-830-4386

These alumni and community friends have volunteered to lead us to the victory of soliciting pledges in the next three years. We will need to hear from all of our alumni to accomplish our goal. Please feel free to call any of the above captains and volunteer to help call other alumni or to serve as a team member under the captains. The capital campaign will be soliciting pledges for the next 9 months. Hope you decide to contribute.

At our Steve Mihaylo Big Bear High Education Foundation meeting on November 20, the report from the captains was very positive. Help out the captains by calling a captain and participate in the campaign. If you want to contribute call any of the captains listed above. Remember: every dollar you give is matched by Steve Mihaylo.

On January 28, Neal Waner announced the good news is several of our community members and alumni have already pledged to give $568,006 in the next three years and Steve Mihaylo has agreed to match any contributions. If you have not had a chance to pledge to the capital campaign call Marie Wanke, 909-585-9898 or Al Waner 909-798-8761 and they can assist you in sending the pledge to the right address. OR you can send your pledge to SGM/BBHS Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 1529, Big bear Lake, California, 92315. Also you can get information about the foundation on the foundation web site:


I received a beautiful announcement of the Big Bear High Class of 1968 Reunion celebrating their 40th class reunion on the high seas. Go to and vote for the destination of your choice or by sending an email to I am sure they would love to have other alumni join them on the voyage. You can also call 909-585-7506 and ask for Linda (Gipson) McGinnis and get all of the details.

I wrote to Lynda and asked for an update. Here is her response:

Hi Al,

Yes, the reunion is on... Now it is go to the web site to sign up & get more info. We are having a great response to it and have, I think 10 cabins booked by class mates so far. Some are class mates sharing, some with their spouses. Thank you for your help in announcing it and would you please let everyone know it is open to ANY BBHS grade and their families!!

Regards, Lynda Gipson (class of 68) McGinnis
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