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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
December 28, 2006


WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS of The CIF-Southern Section East Valley Division Football Championship!!!!!

"We are the Champions" played over the loud speakers immediately after the game following Big Bears 42 to San Jacinto's 21 win on Saturday, December 9th. It was an exciting game with the Bears dominating the Tigers from San Jacinto. The score at half time was 28 to 14 but everyone in the stands knew of San Jacks ability to score. The first half ended with Big Bear holding on to the ball but not before San Jack had threatened to score with a few seconds left in the half.

In the second half Big Bear received the ball and drove to the 12 yard line of San Jack and then fumbled the ball. In two plays San Jacinto scored making the score 28 to 21 and it appeared that the Tigers were going to start their comeback. The Bears took control of the game and pulled away when Jake Meyer intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touch down in the fourth quarter. From that point on the Bears were in total control of the game.

What a team effort!!! So many Big Bear High School kids played great during the day: Mike Mooney, Chris Ambergey, Jake Meyer, Max Dobis, Cody Sevedge, Mike Aspiotes, Christian Metzger, Martin Mosley, and Vince Bauer Of course, Kris Proctor had another great game caring the ball 16 times for 118 and passing for 179 yards and the team had a total offense of 492 yards. The Bears ended the season with a perfect 14-0 record. Our last C.I.F Football Championship was in 1992 so this was a special victory.

Our congratulations to the players, the coaches, the parents, the grandparents, the fans, the high school staff, and the school administration for all their hard work to write Big Bear Football 2006 in the history books of Big Bear High School. It was so great to see so many of former Big Bear football players return from all over California and from out of state to attend the game. They wore their Big Bear athletic jackets and were boisterous in their support of the team. It was a loud, excited crowd. Following the game and the CIF plaque presentation the fans and players milled around on the field for some 45 minutes. By this time the sun had set and the wind was blowing and it was in the low 40's but not on the field. The celebration continued as cars drove by the field and honked and loud truck horns sounded. It was great to be a BEAR rooter.

Dr. Rick Jameson, High School principal, had arranged for an additional 1000 seats to be placed on the visitors side of the field and additional bleachers had been placed on Big Bears home side. The lower athletic field at the Middle School had been opened for parking and was full with more than a hundred cars. People parked several blocks away from the field to accommodate the crush of fans. The placed was packed. San Jacinto filled their side of the field and many stood along the side lines on both sides of the field because of the overflow.

Just before the football game time, Phil Hamilton, the field announcer reported to the more that 2500 people at the game that CHAD HALL had won the Foot Locker Cross country Championship competition at Balboa Park in San Diego. A loud cheer went up from the crowd. Several mentioned that it was good omen of the things to follow for the football game. It was an exciting race with Chad sprinting to the finish to capture this national competition and defeat Craig Forys of Colts Neck, New Jersey. Chad and Ryan, Chad's older brother who became an All American at Stanford, are the only two Southern Californian runners to finish in the top 10 in the 28 years of competition. Chad was greeted by a vocal cheering section from Big Bear as he crossed the line in first place. Chad surpassed Ryan's finish of third place in the 2000 Cross Country Championship race.

WHAT A DAY FOR BIG BEAR HIGH. The San Bernardino Sun and Press Enterprise had wonderful articles and pictures covering the football game and Chads victory on Sunday, December 10.

Aren't you glad you attended Big Bear High School!!!!

Following the game it snowed three inches during the night!!!!!!! Perfect timing to a perfect day.

Bears win state!

On Saturday , November 25, 2006 the Bears Boys Cross Country Team won the Division IV CIF Cross Country Championships in Fresno with 66 points, well ahead of a Laguna Beach High School which finished second with 127 points. Avenal High School finished third followed by McFarland High School in fourth.

Chad Hall ran the second fastest time in the division's history, second only to his brother, Ryan, who set the record several years ago. Finishing second was German Fernandez of Riverbank High School and Erick Garcia of Parlier High School finished third.


In the last newsletter I told you about the first night game in Big Bear History in football. Here was Jim Emmingers response:

WOW!! That was the most exciting game I have seen in years. I was so proud to be part of Big Bear High history. Oh, and by the way, just like all news media....You got the score wrong. It was 42 to 12, but if you said it was 42 to 10, "Then that's the way it was. November 17, 2006" Thank you Walter Cronkite.

Jim Eminger
Pres. Class of 60

I received another e-mail from Jim Eminger after I asked him if the game on Dec. 2 was going to be a snow bowl. Here is his response. Al

I hope to be at this weekends game. In 1959 or 60 we had (I think) the first "snow" game. The team we played got stuck in Running Springs and we had go get them.. We got beat 6 to nothing. Larry Roberts threw a pass to the flat on the right side. It was intercepted and ran in for a T.D. By the end of the game there was at least 6" of snow on the field. Awh! ain't history great. (And an additional note) You might add that most of us watched the game in our cars. We just parked them on the side line.

Jim Eminger

Well, the football game of December 2 with Aquinas was even more exciting with Big Bear defeating Aquinas with two scores in the final minutes to win and go to the CIF Finals against San Jacinto on December 8th.

How many of you remember the 1970's snow bowl game of November 2 against Notre Dame. Notre Dame would not come out of the locker room until forced to by the officials. We won 8 to 0 as I recalled.

In the next e-mail I want to share a wonderful e-mail from Betsy Drews.

That's all for now. Hope your family had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Blessings, Al Waner
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