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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
September 27, 2006

Wow!!!!! What a reunion.

More than 350 people gathered at the reunion on Saturday, September 16, at the Middle School. Some of the highlights of the evening were... the honoring of James "Mac" McAlister, 1942, graduate of Big Bear High as the oldest graduate in attendance (there were 6 students in the graduating class of 1942) . . . . . Sylvia Oppenheim won the award for the person who traveled the furthest coming from Hawaii to attend the reunion . . . . the McGrath and Sanchez families for having the most graduates from Big Bear High in attendance. (However, I realized later the Cleary clan also had five graduates in attendance) . . . . Neal Waner, SGM/BBHS President, telling about the Steven G. Mihaylo Educational Foundation and their goal of raising a $1,000,000 for the Foundation endowment fund for scholarships for Big Bear High graduates. The Foundation has currently over $ 900,000 in endowment . . . . Julie Chamberlin, principal of he Middle School presenting Randy with a plaque of thanks from the students of the Middle School and finally . . . . . Randy talking to us about why he got involved with the $100,000 gift. It was a special dedication program.

I am going to attempt to thank some people knowing I will probably miss someone:

To Sandy Proctor and Marie Wanke for all their assistance and guidance for the past two months as we put the final touches on the day. Sandie can return to her unofficial position as being the most enthusiastic mom for the Bear Backers Varsity Football team. Marie thinks she can return to retirement but you and I both know that won't happen.

To Phil Hamilton for the tremendous job as the MC at the dedication ceremony for the naming of the Bob Perkins gym.

To Craig Sanchez who made a wonderful introduction of Randy and talked about their childhood together.

To Neal Waner, president of the SGM/BBHS Foundation for telling us about the wonderful story of the Educational Foundation. Thanks, Neal .

To Annett (Warriner) Sipes for her work with the caters in insuring the wonderful food was prepared and served.

To Collin Colville who catered the event. We had great food even for the huge crowd!!!! Collin is the new chief at the new Cafe Mambo in the middle of town.

To Kevin Miles, the maintenance and custodian of the Middle School who worked tirelessly to insure we had every thing we needed for the reunion. Kevin also came in on Sunday for several hours to oversee the clean up of the gym.

To Julie Chamberlin, principal of the Middle School, who assisted in many ways to insure we had everything we needed for such a big event for the Middle School. Thanks for giving Randy the plaque from the students and a copy of the $100,000 check to the Middle School for Randy. Randy was touched!!!

To Grace Stapko, Middle School secretary, who I have interrupted a hundred times to assist with details for the reunion. Grace, I promise to leave you alone (for a while).

To the DJ, Terry Terry Hopple, who played great music that we could reminisce to during the evening. Great job!!!!

To Big Bear Rentals for assisting with the chairs, tables and helium for the 250 balloons we put up in the gym. To the many people and alumni who came at 10:00 am. on Saturday to decorate the Middle School Gym for the evening and fill the balloons.

And lastly, thanks Randy Perkins for under writing the $10,300 event. THANKS RANDY!!! It was so great to have Randy's family and friends to celebrate the naming of the gym, "Bob Perkins Gym" with us. Randy's mother looked great and his sisters were as pretty as ever. His kids and extended family made the evening special for all of us. It was a great evening!!!!

I also want to thank Dicken Everson and their committee for the class reunion of 1968 to 1973. Dicken's group were about 150 strong and we could certainly feel their presence during the evening. Dicken personally contacted several hundred alumni via e mail inviting them to the reunion.

Also thanks to Todd Burton and the class of 1986 for their twenty year reunion. They had a wonderful evening at the Best Western Chateau with about 60 in attendance. They have fabulous pictures of the reunion posted on The password is 1986. The pictures are worth your reviewing!!!! Thanks Todd for you and your committees help to make the week end so special for the class of 1986.

The town was full of alumni for the week end.

We had alumni from all over Southern California, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Oklahoma. I hope you found it worth while to travel long distances to see old friends.

The Homecoming Assembly was spectacular at the High School on Friday. And lest we forget ----- both Frosh/Soph and Varsity teams won their football games. The bleachers and the track on the home side at the Homecoming game were filled with alumni. Katlin Wormsbecker was crowned Homecoming Queen. She was gorgeous!!!! Our two exchange students were honorary princesses. The theme for Homecoming was "Lest we Forget" and with the big football game victories are something the students will not soon forget. Channel 6 with "Ron Around Town" covered the Homecoming assembly at the high school, the football game and our All Years Class Reunion. I watched the Channel 6 program Monday morning and viewed the program on TV at home. Thanks to Ron for the great coverage. Pictures don't lie -- Man, I'm getting old looking but I don't feel as old as I look. The Grizzly also had some good pictures of Randy and the Reunion. The Grizzly's web site is Enjoy!!!

The Cross Country team led by Chad Hall are off to a great start this fall. Their goal is to win the state title. They have a strong team and just might pull it off. the girls golf team is strong led by Brittany Caldwell (Yes, Allan (71) and Nancy Caldwell's daughter). The Girls volleyball has a new coach and improving everyday in their matches. The weather for Homecoming was beautiful but it was followed by strong winds and colder temperatures. It is turning fall in Big Bear. Get out your parkas.


WE'RE STILL COLLECTING MONEY!!!! We displayed the pavers at the reunion and if your still want to have your paver in the Court of Honor when the Middle School Quad is remodeled next year then here is the complete story of how to participate.

The Student Council under the of the Middle School has continued the project of remodeling the "Courtyard" with the assistance of the district construction committee. The Student Council hopes to raise as much money as possible by selling engraved bricks for the "court of honor." The bricks are engraved about 1/8 of an inch deep and really look good. If you attended the Middle School or the High School you can add your message to a brick for $30 each and they will be placed in the court of honor during construction. The example below shows the guidelines for the message for the brick paver. Several student groups at the Middle School have already volunteered to assist with the landscaping and laying of the brick pavers next summer. I hope you will plan to purchase a brick and support the project. Just print the form below and send your donation to the Middle School. Hope many of you alumni participate in this student led project.


Name: __________________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Number of pavers requested: ______________ Check amount: _____________________

(Please fill out a separate form for each paver.)
Please print clearly the message you want on the paver. You may request up to 12 letters per line for three lines. (Please see example below)
First Line: _________________________________________________________
Second Line: ______________________________________________________
Third Line: (OPTIONAL)________________________________________________________
(Please do not exceed 12 letters per line.)

BBMS Student Council
P.O. BOX 1607
Big Bear Lake, California, 92315


Bill Cleary
ASB President
Class of 1972

High School Alumni Directory

The Steven G. Mihaylo/ Big Bear High School Education Foundation is in the process of putting out a Big Bear High School Directory. The Harris publishing company will be contacting all alumni of Big Bear High and asking if you want to participate in the directory. Our High School has never had an alumni directory and this has been a major undertaking of the SGM/BBHS Education Foundation for the past year. Be sure and return the information requested from Harris publishing. If you do not receive any correspondence by September 5, please let me know and we will be sure to add you to the mailing. We will forward your information on to Harris Publishing Company. You do not have to purchase a directory to have your name included in the directory.

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