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SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter
February 28, 2006

This is a long alumni email because so much was happening this month and I received several e-mails from alumni. Enjoy!!!!! Al


Received a note from Todd Burton who is on the planning committee for the alumni reunion event for the class of 1986. Be sure to visit their web site. He started a web site when they got the final date for 2006 homecoming.

Spread the word. Thanks, Todd Burton

Just spent some time with my Mom at her winter location in Havasu. Jimmy (Judy's brother) retired after 25 years on the Police Force. David and Cheri Lovingfoss came for a weekend visit also. Also met a man that used to live in Big Bear (not when I did). He is also a snowbird at Havasu and he gives Mom the Grizzly each week for her to read. Irene Beck - (later married Forrest Holmes) also now lives in Fresno and I have gone to visit her and we chat on the phone when we find the time. She keeps me up on what Anne Lund (married Jess McCullom and Ann and Jess now live in Idaho) and Linda Beck are up to these days. Irene moved up her about a year ago to be closer to her sister. When she sent Mom a Christmas card last year, and I saw the Fresno address, I decided I would get in touch with her.



The Steven G. Mihaylo/Big Bear High Education Foundation is beginning a BIG BEAR HIGH SCHOOL Alumni Directory. We would really appreciate your sending us your current physical address and email address to and we will include you in our directory.


On February 7, the students at the Middle School received a wonderful $100,000 gift from Big Bear Alumni Randy Perkins, class of 1972. Randy visited the middle school gym last spring and was concerned at its deterioration. The students and the district started a remodeling campaign but the gym still needed additional finances to complete the project. In August, Randy was visiting Big Bear and gave me a call. He said he wanted to give a sizable gift to the school to complete the remodel project. I was not sure what "sizable gift" meant so I developed a list for Randy which included new scoreboards, new gym wall mats, new gym mats, new storage cabinets, and money for the middle school athletic department as they have few athletic funds provided by the district with the financial cuts to the district finds. I also included two $1000 scholarships for the SGM/BBHS Education Foundation, which will be in the Perkins Family name. We have made application to the school district to name the Middle School Gym, "Bob Perkins Gym" in memory of Randy's dad. It was a wonderful gift ceremony. Julie Chamberlin, principal of the middle school, introduced me and I told a little of Randy's background. It was in this gym that Randy earned All C.I.F. honors in 1972. Then we had Randy come to the podium and Randy gave the $100,000 check to, Student Body Representative Cheyenn Sardarian who thanked Mr. Perkins and then gave the check to Dr. Ken Turney, president of the school district board of trustees. Special guest included: Dr. Russ Reynolds, former principal of Big Bear High School when Randy attended the High School, current school board members, Debra Sarkisian and Phil Hamilton (who was Randy's teacher at the high school), Tony Kerst (who taught Randy's sister Caryn) and Allan Pellitier, Superintendent of Schools. The Grizzly was present and interviewed Randy. The article of the ceremony appeared in Feb. 8, Grizzly. The Parks and Recreation under Kathy Campbell's leadership and Reese Troublefield organization, donated one of the scoreboards for the gym. the gift was from the Bear Valley Youth Basketball Leagues who use the Middle School gym for their basketball league. Randy's gift of $16,666 to the SGM? BBHS Educational Foundation will fund two $1000 scholarships in the Perkins Family name in perpetuity to some deserving high school students beginning this June. At Randy's suggestion, we had a free-throw contest between Randy and a student. Randy promised $1000 for each of the free throws he made and $100 for each of the students free throws made. Ron Dobis, counselor of the middle school, picked Randy Owen, the best free thrower in the school for the competition. Randy made 10 free throws for $10,000 and Owen made 15 free throws for $1500. This additional gift of $11,500 will be added to the $16,666 Randy has already committed as part of the $100,000 gift. The total scholarship gift to the Stephen G. Mihaylo /Big Bear High Educational Foundation for scholarships from Randy is $28,166.

My thanks to Allan Pellitier, superintendent of the school district and to the school board for the great encouragement along the way with this project.


RANDY is going to sponsor an "All Years Class Reunion" to dedicate the naming of the middle gym in honor of his father "BOB PERKINS". The naming ceremony and reunion event will be on Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. in the middle school gym. Randy has set aside money to assist us with the all class reunion.

Help!!! Help!!! Help!!!
I need several alumni from different years who can help me get out the message about this special event. Yes, you read it right, we are going to have an ALL YEARS CLASS REUNION FOLLOWING THE HOMECOMING GAME IN THE MIDDLE SCHOOL GYM, September 16 at 7:00 p.m. Please let me know by email if you can help or call me at 909-798-8761 in Redlands. We will form a committee by email and from alumni in Big Bear who can help plan the event. It is going to be a wonderful celebration in September.

Received this email the next day after the assembly from Bill Cleary a close friend of Randy's after he had seen the article in the Grizzly.
Hey Randy,
Way to go, man. You are the greatest!

Warm regards,
Bill Cleary, (JAPAN)

p.s. Look for my Letter to the Editor in next week's paper.

"Big Bear school gets lift from alumnus Perkins"

Randy Perkins recently donated more than $100,000 to Big Bear Middle School to help restore the gym he once competed in on the Big Bear High School varsity basketball team during the early 1970s.


The crowd went wild. As Randy Perkins stepped onto the Big Bear Middle School gym floor, the bleachers vibrated with the sound of applause. That's nothing new for Perkins. Those gym walls and him go way back, more than 30 years to when it was Big Bear High School and his father stood on the sidelines yelling at the referees and cheering on his son.

Perkins spent many game nights as a varsity basketball player in the early 1970s. In 1972, he made all-CIF honors. He returned to the gym to help restore its former glamour. Perkins handed over a check for $100,000 to Al Waner, former principal of Big Bear Middle School from 1969 to 1976, at a school assembly on Feb. 7. "I wanted to give back some of what has happened to me," Perkins said addressing the middle school students as he looked around at the backboards. "It allowed me to go to college. If I hadn't spent that time in this gym, I would not have done that."

Perkins went on to play basketball for University of Redlands and in a European league. He credits basketball with giving him the start that led to a successful career resulting in profitable financial investments. In honor of Perkins' father who was an integral part of the school's booster club and who showed up at every one of his son's games, an application has been submitted to the Bear Valley Unified School District to rename the gym in his honor: the Bob Perkins Gym.

The younger Perkins' message to the middle school kids was clear. "Do what it takes to move to the next level and get a great education," he said. "Start thinking about it now when the seed is getting planted." The money Perkins donated is slated for additional new scoreboards, new wall mats for the south end of the gym, new gym mats for the physical education classes, stage lighting for the drama department and a lunchtime intramural basketball program to be run by counselor Ron Dobis. But that wasn't all. During the assembly, Perkins challenged a student to a free-throw contest. Money was on the line, $1,000 for every shot Perkins hit and $100 for every shot a student made. Owen David stepped up and hit 15 free throws to bank an additional $1,500 for the school. Perkins chipped in an additional $10,000. The La Jolla resident's purpose is to get kids participating, to help them excel at extracurricular activities and hopefully earn scholarships. "When I was going to school here, college wasn't even a thought," Perkins said.

Perkins credits his high school counselor Harold Graham and principal Russ Reynolds for changing that for him. "They made sure I thought about it," he said.

Reynolds was one of the founding members of the Stephen G. Mihaylo Big Bear High School Educational Foundation, which gives out scholarships yearly. To help with Reynolds' dedication to the fund, Perkins committed to giving away two $1,000 scholarships each June in perpetuity. "You have a lot of good memories here," Reynolds said. "The best memory will be your generosity to these kids."

Contact reporter Arrissia Owen Turner at (909) 866-3456, ext. 142 or by e-mail at

I received this wonderful e-mail from Kris Potter (, class of 1981.
Hello Dr. Waner!

The Potter's are doing great.

We love pastoring a congregation as well as serving the needy in our community! Jesus is alive and well at Roseville at The Salvation Army.

Camie and I are on (ready for this...) our twenty-fourth (24th) year of marriage! Thank you for the important role you played. Every time I do a wedding I think of your professionalism and kindness

Derreck our son, is twenty-two (22)- 23 in April) and is in the Air Force stationed in Aviano Italy, just north of Venice. He spent the summer in Qatar. Rode camels, wake boarded in the Persian Gulf! Now he spends his free time snow boarding in the Italian & Austrian Alps. What a great experience. He is an on-fire for Jesus young man and is still in wait for the girl the Lord has for him. We are very proud of him.

Our daughter Amberly, is eighteen (18)- 19 in May) and attends Sierra Community College full time and works at, of course, Starbucks. She is a wonderful young lady and has a nice boyfriend.

Camie is very active in leading Sunday morning worship at the corps (church). She learned to play guitar this past summer and now is able to lead the music. She is extremely gifted in decoration and is often called upon to do stage backdrops, planning major youth and adult spiritual life weekends, and finds time for scrapbooking.

I am going well. Growing in the Lord always. Not as active in sports as much as before. Spend a lot of time in administrative stuff, but that's needed to steer the ship. We took our church out of a fifteen (15) year tradition financial of using present year Christmas fund-raising (kettles & mail appeal) to pay previous year expenses, by reversing spending and did a turn about of $94,000 this past year. The Lord has really honored that and were seeing more donors than ever before, but there is more. We've seen more first time decisions for Christ and re-commitments than ever before. Leaders are stepping up and taking lead. Camie and I get to point in the right direction, live the life we challenge others to, and get to see awesome things happen.

We are blessed.

We travel next week for a three (3) week adventure to Greece, Turkey, and Italy. The Salvation Army has an endowment that allows its Officers who has served (some say survived) ten (10) years to go on a trip, usually to Jerusalem, now we go to safer ground. The Steps of Paul Missions trip. Twelve (12) days through Greece & Turkey! We are excited. But mostly because we are "laying-over' for eight (8) days in Venice to see Derreck. Amblery flys there four (4) days before we do. We are going to spend a couple days at a Salvation Army facility in Rome. Then travel to Florence and back to Venice. It's not so much about the trip as much as it is being a family together. Once our kids get spouses we know that will all change, so we are relishing it for now!

Camie's entire family are Salvation Army Officers. Keith & Linda Bottjen are retiring in a couple years, they are in Casper Wyoming. Brad Bottjen and his wife Robin are in Bullhead/Lauhglin Nevada, and Kevin Bottjen & Tina are in Haines. Alaska.

The experience we all shared from having Big Bear in our lives will never leave us. Even though I've been gone for over 22 years, I am still from Big Bear and never a "flat-lander". It was never about the town, it was always about the people. Mr. Caldwell greeting us at N.S.E.S every day. Jim McDill with clip board in hand as we lined-up for dryland ski training reminding us, "your wasting your time" Toilet-papering Mr. Jefferies house, getting caught, but not caring because you were with your baby-sitter, Bonnie Howell (South). Going to the movies in the '70's and having to eat "health food" when the hippies owned it for a few years. Watching several (too many) friends die in car accidents. Graduating as Champions in 1981. Seeing friends get married- having babies... growing up. Seeing friends get cancer-coping. Hoping all will find Christ.

Dr. Waner - I pray for you and your family as often as I think of you (to quote Paul) But you are close to my heart and I do truly thank you for being the example you are. Especially after we newspapered and chickened your office (24 years ago)!


Kris K. Potter, Captain
The Salvation Army
Roseville & South Placer County
916.784.3382 ext 3007
916.784.3277 fax

MINI GRANTS FOR 2005 - 2006

THANKS TO THE EFFORTS OF LAURA BULRICE and her Mini grant committee the SGM/BBHS Foundation awards mini grants to teacher who submit applications for innovative programs in their classrooms. Here is the S. G. Mihaylo/BBHS Educational foundation mini grants that were given this winter.

Constructions for Literacy - Denise Swift at BLES ($400.00)
Materials were just received on January 20th. They are very excited about receiving the K'NEX and are hoping to begin using them the week after Benchmark testing to improve literacy and math skills through visual-spatial activities. Thank you to the SGM Board for helping to supply the resources to purchase these materials.

Great Books - Susan Rammell at NSES ($1,200.00)
Sue states that they have just received their materials last Tuesday, unpacked them and is busy studying the teachers' manual so that they can begin using them right after benchmark testing this week. She expects that the wonderful stories will help students with reading comprehension and well as introduce them to the classics. She also believes that these books will tremendously help ELL students with their reading comprehension. Many thanks to the Foundation for this mini grant.

Enrichment Computer Lab - Jason Schetter at BBMS ($3907.00)
The BBMS enrichment computer lab has been a great success! The 4 new e-Macs purchased by SGMF were matched by 4 new e-Macs purchased by the school site. When these were combined with the 2 DVD capable machines they already had, it brought their total to 10. These machines have already been put to great use with over 50 "My Life" projects burned to DVD by Media Productions class students. Art and Media Productions students are now beginning their Photoshop unit where they will learn the finer points of photo editing. This instruction would not be possible without these machines. Thank you, SGM Foundation, for your support.

Science Lab - Melanie Gruber at BLES ($4,000.00)
The 15 microscopes were received on January 12. The students were excited and couldn't wait to use them. Several hours over the weekend were spent rearranging her classroom so that all of the scopes could be plugged in to be used immediately. The first class period was spent becoming familiar with the proper care and use of the microscopes, learning vocabulary, and discussing appropriate behavior in the lab. On Jan. 19th, they learned how to prepare a simple plant cell slide with onion skins. The oohs and ahh's were heard when the magic of the microscopic world was revealed to the students for the very first time. It was a wonderful experience to share with the students. In the near future, Melanie hopes to be receiving 15 sets of prepared slides and 6 digital scales for use in the lab. Thank you to the Foundation for helping me see this lab to its fruition.

Art Club - Mary Parks at NSES ($464.00)
In October we painted pumpkins, we made fall jewelry, painted boxes with leaf designs, painted a fall leaf watercolor design and created a flower arrangement in a cornucopia for the students to take home for Thanksgiving. In December we designed Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas cards. We had them printed and put into envelopes for the students to hand out to friends and family. We are currently working on collages. They are wonderful! Thank you so much!

Note from Mike Clifton softball coach at the High School: You can go to the above Grizzly address (URL) and read all about the Grizzly newspaper articles. Isn't the Internet wonderful (except for the junk e-mails and the viruses!!!!)? Al SOFTBALL ALUMNI GAME JUNE 3. Hi Al, I was just going over some softball stuff and realized the Alumni Softball Game will be on JUNE 3, Saturday and not...June 4. Mike Clifton. We will tell you more about the game in the future alumni e-mails.


The Student Council under the leadership of Jake Murie, Middle School Student Body President, has taken on the project of remodeling the "Courtyard" with the assistance of the district construction committee. The Student Council hopes to raise as much money as possible by selling engraved bricks for the "court of honor." The bricks are engraved about 1/8 of an inch deep and really look good. In the next six months the students hope to sell engraved bricks so the project can move forward. If you attended the Middle School or the High School you can add your message to a brick for $30 each and they will be placed in the court of honor during construction. The example below shows the guidelines for the message for the brick paver. Several student groups at the Middle School have already volunteered to assist with the landscaping and laying of the brick pavers next summer. I hope you will plan to purchase a brick and support the project. Just print the form below and send your donation to the Middle School. Hope many of you alumni participate in this student led project.


Name: __________________________________ Phone: ____________________________
Number of pavers requested: ______________ Check amount: _____________________

(Please fill out a separate form for each paver.)
Please print clearly the message you want on the paver. You may request up to 12 letters per line for three lines. (Please see example below)
First Line: _________________________________________________________
Second Line: ______________________________________________________
Third Line: (OPTIONAL)________________________________________________________
(Please do not exceed 12 letters per line.)

BBMS Student Council
P.O. BOX 1607
Big Bear Lake, California, 92315


Dick LeRoy
1956 to 1960

Dates to remember:
  • June 3, Alumni Softball game, at the High School.
  • June 11, SGM/BBHS Foundation annual scholarship dinner at 6:00 p.m. at Northwoods.
  • Sept. 16, 7:00 p.m. in the Middle School Gym. This will be the All Years Class Reunion.

Received an e-mail from Cindy (Ellwsorth) McCoy class of 1965. Cindy was in the youth group at the First Baptist church in the 60's. I wrote to her and asked her if I could use her email in the next email alumni newsletter.

Hi, Al:
My Uncle Joe sends me his "Flathead Lake Scuttlebutt" from Montana, and nothing could be cornier than that! Please also feel free to use my e-mail. Be seeing you,


Hi, Mr. Waner--or I suppose it's Dr. Waner, huh?

I just got a forward from Art Poland, and there you were. I suppose Art has told you that I finally finished college (I have a BA and MA in English and almost another MA in education), and I have been an English teacher in a large urban high school in Las Vegas for the past eight years. I love teaching! I specialize in at-risk students who have the ability to make it in honors classes, but have never been recommended for them by their teachers or counselors. I fish them out of the freshman transcripts and start them in four core honors classes plus a tutorial as sophomores. It's a lot like AVID, but I didn't know about that program when I invented this one. I am also the National Honor Society Adviser, as well as the lead teacher in our school staff development program (I also stand on my head and whistle "Dixie" and the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" when asked!) I love my students, and I have come to believe that I learn more from them than they do from me--but I'm trying to keep that from them as long as possible. I hope that this note finds you well and perhaps enjoying your retirement--or are you still working? I also wanted to let you know that your example as a teacher has stayed with me and is one of the best things I remember from my senior year. A student from our school's TEACH magnet program interviewed me the other day and asked me what my number-one tip on classroom management was. I said, "Use humor"! (And that's no joke!)

Take care, and let me know how you are, Cindy

Email address change for Al Waner
Change in email address. Like many of you I have changed to DSL and now have a new e mail address I would appreciate it if you would make the change on my email address. AL WANER
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