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September 26, 2004

Fall Sports!!!
It has been a busy month with the reunions and the Homecoming Game at Big Bear High School on Saturday, September 18. Wow!!! What a game. The Big Bear Varsity Football team lost to a school from down near the border of San Diego, 49 to 42. The game ended on the four-yard line and Big Bear threw a pass into the end zone as the game ended but did not complete the pass. The home fans cheered as the team left the field at the conclusion of the game and I for one was proud to be from Big Bear. Saw so many alumni at the game and the stands were packed. Pride was in abundance.

All of the fall sports are in action. Chad Hall is keeping up the Hall family tradition of leading the way in Cross Country for C.I.F. Remember Ryan Hall, the CIF Champion in Cross Country several years ago? Ryan won a scholarship to Stanford and runs for Stanford. His team won the NCAA Cross Country Championship last year. Ryan was named ALL AMERICAN as a member of the Stanford team. BIG BEAR HIGH HAS AN ALL-AMERICAN!!!!! Way to go Ryan but watch out for your younger brother. He's gaining on you.

Mike Bumstead ended the year pitching for Triple A Portland's Professional baseball team. His team was in the playoffs and just finished last Sunday. Mom and Dad (Sharon and Marty) attended as many games as possible when Mike was near home. Mike is engaged to a beautiful young girl and will be married in January. Way to go Mike!!!!!

I went to the reunion of the class of 1994 at Nottingham's in the village.. It was so good to see so many students from the class of 1994. They had 80 students in attendance. Even got to see some students from Maple Hill Elementary School in the 80's. Maple Hill Elementary may no longer exist but the spirit of the Maple Leaf's lingers on!!! The planners of this class should be very proud of their hard work to pull off such a great event. Kathy Kinch who had planned for the event all year was still at home in Washington D.C. having her second child. Kathy, you would be proud to see how smoothly your committee pulled off the reunion.

MAMMOTH TRIP: Mom (JoAnne) and I spent four days in Mammoth last week. It bought back such great memories of football games in Bishop and playoff football games with Mammoth. We saw the Cornice at Mammoth Mountain and again thought of the great memories of the ski trips we used to take every year with the school district and the late Jim McDill, director of the Parks and Recreation Program in Big Bear. It was a wonderful trip with beautiful weather. This week Mammoth had their first dusting of snow. It was also cold in Big Bear reaching the 30's several nights.


Highlights from the meeting included:

Laura Bulrice, Board Member, reported the winners in this year's Mini-Grant Program:

- SOME LIKE IT HOT!! - Big Bear High School will receive a new computerized kiln for the art program. Grant monies received: $1965.
- HEADSPROUT - A supplemental reading program for the Elementary School which interacts with computer activities. Grant monies received: $3,176.
- MOBILE COMPUTER PROJECTION UNIT: Middle School students will be able to remain in their classrooms while allowing the teacher to teach computer technology utilizing a mobile computer projection unit. Students will also be introduced to PowerPoint medium for more interesting student project presentations. Grant monies received: $3,638.
- CAREER CENTER RESOURCE EXPANSION: This program will add technical support and resources to the High School Career Center to help students investigate career pathways. Grant monies received: $2500 to cover the router and COPS assessment and reference books.
- ART INSTRUCTION - This grant will pay for supplies for Chautauqua students. Grant monies received: $500.

Laura's committee did a great job in selecting the mini-grant winners. This year 17 grants were submitted for approval affecting 4,345 students grades K-12. The requested dollars were $45,673. The total amount awarded by the S.G. Mihaylo Educational Foundation for 2004 was $12,000. Sharon Bollingmo has rejoined the Mini-Grant committee and has brought her old enthusiasm to the committee. Sharon and Jim Bollingmo were the inspiration for starting the Mini Grant program six years ago. Welcome back, Sharon!!!!

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: Debra Sarkisian reported that we have three elementary guitar programs up and running. There is also one new class at the Middle School. The strings program the foundation has offered for the past several years is now part of the districts music program. Two writing classes will be offered at the High School this year. The California state testing program will include a writing sample by the students. This is a timely offering. We will again offer a SAT review program for the High School students. All of the After School Programs are paid for by fees paid from the parents. The Foundation plans and implements the after school program with the cooperation of the district. Good job again Debra and your committee.

STEVEN G. MIHALYO COMES THROUGH AGAIN!!! Neal Waner, the Foundation President, announced at the board meeting that Steve Mihalyo will give the Foundation 5000 shares of his company, Intertel, in October. This is a gift that will exceed $100,000. This gift will allow our assets to approach $600,00. The challenge of this gift is that we must now raise one half that amount or $50,000 during our current fiscal year for the Foundation to retain its public non-profit foundation status. This would be great year for you to assist the foundation to raise the $50,000, Send your contribution to SGM/BBHS Foundation, Box 1529, Big Bear Lake, California, 92315. Can you believe that a foundation in Big Bear has $600,000 in endowment to be used in perpetuity to support scholarships and grants? I have never served on a committee which has such enthusiasm and willing volunteers. Way to go Foundation Board.

2004 KYLE HAGMAN MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT: It was a wonderful golf tournament September 12. We had a new Champion team and the tournament was filled to capacity on a beautiful day in Big Bear. For the first time in several years the Waner Family did not take last place. This years doormat was the Proctor Family. Mom (Sandy Sanchez) had a great team but the Waner's beat the Proctor's by two strokes. Thank you Sandy and Ken for sponsoring a team and helping us to relinquish our hold on last place. Even Dick Kun's team did not win this year. The tournament raised $6300 with $2500 going to the non-profit organization "Project G.H.B." and $3800 to the Steven G. Mihaylo / Big Bear High School Foundation. Great tournament Hagman's !!!!! Steve Mihaylo will again match the donation to the foundation.

If you have been gone from Big Bear for 20 years, you have missed the development of the soccer program in the Big Bear Valley. Every Saturday from August 14 into late October some 600 students, coaches, and parents gather at Big Bear High School for soccer. It is a HAPPENING!!!!! This year my son's (Scott) twins (7 years old) are on the “Black Bears" team. Of course the most important event of the day is following the game when the snacks are handed out to each player. Snacks make the game a success - not the score. By the end of season we freeze at the games but no one seems to mind. It is fun to watch. Soccer was introduced to Big Bear when Jim Bollingmo, a high school science teacher in the 60's traded teaching positions with a gentleman from England. When Jim returned from England he set about to start a soccer program in Big Bear. It took years for the program to develop. Today it is the largest youth program in the valley. Even the High School has a girls soccer team coached by Mike Benson which did quite well last year. Everything's up to date in Big Bear.

Ron Peavy Retires. Sunday evening, August 22, was a wonderful evening in Big Bear. Ron Peavy, former teacher, counselor, coach, Assistant Principal, Principal of Big Bear High, and eventually Superintendent of Bear Valley Schools for 8 years was honored at a retirement party in his honor at North woods Hotel. More than 250 people gathered to say goodbye to Ron. Elena, his wife and current High School teacher, will teach for a couple of more years before she retires. It was a great evening with lots of laughs and remembrances of Ron's service to the schools and the community. Ron will join the Steven G. Mihalyo/Big Bear High Foundation Board of Directors and will continue to serve the students of the valley.

Subject: Class of 1945

Although we always enjoy reading about current news in Big Bear in the Grizzly and in your emails, my husband, Ray Lombardo was in the 1945 graduating class and would love to hear about any 'old timers' that may still be around and have email. He still owns his family's cabin on the Fawnskin side of the lake and we visit as often as possible. He really enjoyed the big reunion a few years ago where there were many of his old friends. Keep up your valuable work.

Ray and Alice Lombardo

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This started out as a very short e-mail but the news kept coming. I would love to hear from you. If you have any news about Big Bear alumni please reply to this e-mail and we can include your message in the November e-mail. Love you all, Al Waner
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