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March 21, 2004
Supplement to March 14, 2004 newsletter

From Kathy Kinch, regarding Class 1994 10 year reunion:

So, Here it is the final date for our 10-year reunion. SEPTEMBER 18, 2004. We will be hosting it on Big Bear's Homecoming weekend. We are in the process of securing the Restaurant at the Robinhood Inn, where we will also be able to get great rates to stay for those of us who do not have family up there any more. We have the possibility of maxing out at about 120 people, So I need to start in a true head count of all you who are interested and those that we have yet to find. If you know anyone who is not on the contact list in some form, please send their information or send them mine to get in touch.

We are hoping to do alot of the mailing and such over e-mail if at all possible, which will keep all of the rates down for everyone. So our itinerary for the weekend of Sept 17-19th is as follows:

- Friday night (17th) cocktail hour at either La Montana, Chad's or someplace downtown.
- Saturday (18th) we are all encouraged to attend the HS Homecoming Game, possibly do a float of our own, and that night have an adults only (with the exception of breastfeeding baby's being welcome also, I do not need any wise cracks) dinner hosted at the Robinhood Inn.
- Sunday (19th) informal family picnic at a park. Please let me know if you are interested and send mailing addresses just in case we need them. Be Well, Kathy, Johanna and Jenny

Just a reminder:

I am trying to put a slide show together, I have alot of great photos all the way back to us being in Kindergarten, and would love help on photos from all of you!! I do not want to leave anybody out and I need either you to scan the photos and send them to me (make sure you shrink the image size) or mail them to me and I will scan them and mail them right back!!! We are looking to make this reunion alot of fun and would love any ideas that you may have on things to do or door prizes and such. Thanks for your time and we would love to hear back from you.

Be Well, Kathy Kinch


Received an e mail from Anne Robertson who has returned to Big Bear to live. I see Anne's husband at the San Bernardino County Office from time to time where he is employed. Here's Anne's note:

Hi Dr. Waner, I hope all is well with you and Joanne. Are you back in Redlands for the winter? Well, you asked what we did once we left BBHS. I graduated (with Neal) in the class of 1981. I received an A.S. degree from Mesa College in San Diego and became an approved Physical Therapy Assistant in 1985, I then moved and received a BA from Cal State Chico in 1990 in the area of Exercise Physiology, In 1991 I returned to school at Long Beach State and received a BS (I was hoping for the Masters Program but it had not converted yet) in the area of Physical Therapy and became a licensed Physical Therapist in 1993. I worked primarily in the area of rehab (spinal cord and brain injuries) until I moved back to Big Bear in 1995. I then worked for our local hospital for 5 years in the area of Home Health. I currently am not working outside our home. I am loving being a Mommy to our two children, which is in some respects is a lot harder and no amount of school will give you all the answers to this complex job. I love and enjoy this newsletter. Thanks to you and Neal and I'm sure so many others for your time and energy that you devote to this most worthy cause. Warmest Regards. Anne Robertson-Talbot (Class of 1981)

(Ed. Note: Anne's husband is a "techie" and is employed by the San Bernardino County Schools Office. I see him when I visit the County Schools Office.)


Received a great e-mail from Robert Wood. (Ed. note: Remember, Robert's sisters, and his dad and mom were owners of the Grizzly. They played a big part in the development of Big Bear in the 60's,70's, and 80's and early 90's, before they sold the newspaper.) Here is Robert's e-mail:

Hello Dr. Waner: Although we didn't get to chat much at the Class of '83 reunion, it was nice to see you there. Just wanted to give you a quick "Cliff Note" rendition of my life since BBHS. 1983 to 1985 University of California San Diego. Transferred to San Diego State University (a year after Neal graduated) and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration & Marketing, December 1989. Moved back to Big Bear in 1991 where I was employed as a sales rep and training manager for Fox Computers. Fox was a small systems integrator manufacturing desktop publishing computer systems. They were located on Badger Lane, next to the old ice skating rink. After Dick Fox, the company's president, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Fox Computers shut its doors. Also while living in Big Bear I worked for Snow Valley and Snow Summit as ski host and rental shop supervisor. (mostly did this for the free ski pass!) In 1992 I married Glorianna Myers (her family owned and operated the Grey Squirrel Cabins in Boulder Bay for many years before moving to Apple Valley. You might recall her older brother Geoffrey Dick) and we then moved to Torrance where I was employed as a Direct Sales Rep for Epson America. Epson at the time was trying it's hand at the direct pc business which eventually folded due to the strong presence of a small computer company in Texas named Dell. (go figure!) 1993 found Glorianna and I moving to Salt Lake City, Utah where we would live for six years enjoying the beautiful Utah wilderness and unbelievable powder snow. While living in Utah, I worked for yet another direct pc manufacturer, Micron Electronics. By then Dell was gaining full strength, however I was able to supply many Utah government offices with the Micron PC brand along with many of Utah's defense contractors as Micron's only intermountain sales rep. After three years with Micron, they decided to bow out of the direct pc game. Dell was, and is to this day, the leader in pc sales and marketing. I worked for a few other companies including Nextel Communications until my wife and I found what we really came to Utah to learn, although we didn't know it then. Our true destiny was to enroll at the Utah College of Massage Therapy (UCMT). The program took us through a full year studying all modalities of massage including swedish, sports, pregnancy and infant massage. We also learned shiatsu, cranio-sacral, reflexology acupressure and deep tissue massage therapies. The most intriguing time during the program was a six-week study program at the University of Utah's biology lab studying the all too close up anatomy of cadavers! Upon graduation and a few interviews later, we were hired in 2001 as massage therapist at the Rancho Las Palmas Marriott Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage, California. We have been there since and truly feel that we've found our "niche" in life. Working in the massage therapy industry has rewarded us in so many ways it's hard to keep track. Well there you have it...the condensed version. We love living in the Palm Springs area and hope to see you down here some day! Maybe for golf? Sincerely yours, Robert Wood Class of 1983 p.s. Tell Neal I said "hello" the next time you talk with him!


Don Mansfield wrote:

Hi, I missed your request last year to indicate Big Bear High School grads that had gone into teaching. Although I was an Air Force officer, I taught at the Air Force Academy for six years and was sent by that institution to receive my Doctorate in International Studies at the University of Denver. After retiring from the Air Force, I was a Professor at Northern University, serving as both Department Chair and Associate Dean of the College, before I retired in 1998. I retired and moved to Tennessee when my wife was selected to be the Dean of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Tennessee. Regards, Don Mansfield,

(Editors note: Don's mother, Lina Mansfield, was secretary to the Superintendent and then became the secretary at the High School to the counselors in the 60's. Lena was my first secretary and was great in helping me adjust to an office job from teaching in 1967. Al)


Received a e mail from Judy Barlett that took my breath away. Here's Judy ....

Happy 2004. I so enjoyed our reunion, and was so blessed to see you and so many others. On October 30th I underwent open heart surgery to repair a damaged heart valve and have been home recovering for the past 12 weeks. The surgery was very successful thanks to the many prayers from my former classmates, teachers and administrators. It is during times of uncertainty that you realize how fortunate you have been and how many true caring friends you have. Finding that true sense of "community" that we shared in Big Bear and still share after all these years is a rare thing in today's large urban centers. I will return to work the first week of February and look forward to many more class reunions and connections with my Big Bear Family.


From Rebecca (Morgan) Kinnie:

Hi Dr. Waner! My name is Rebecca (Morgan) Kinnie and I am a member of the Class of 1984. I wanted to let you know that Rich Reif and Steve Klemroth are currently planning our 20th reunion (wow, has it been that long already????). I have sent Rich an email to let him know about the foundation's website and newsletter, but I wanted to let you know about the reunion as well. Rich's email address is Thank you! Rebecca


From Kathy (Hall) Kendall:

Hi Al, I wish I had a story about an interesting career, but it seems I spent most of my life being Mom to our 4 daughters. Every time I would see him, Dr. Reynolds would ask me when I would be going back to subbing and I would tell him, "When my youngest gets into school". Well, I finally managed to make it back to subbing when she was in 7th grade. She DID NOT want to have her mom for a sub, but pretty soon she got used to it. I loved subbing and did it for 10 years, but this year I have decided to end that part of my career. The other part of my "career" being the bookkeeper for our business, Big Bear Sheet Metal, which I have done for about 20 years. Since I never taught full time, I doubt that I had the kind of influence that so many teachers have had on their students. I sure did enjoy it for the most part though, and feel that I was the one who benefited from being with the high schoolers. Thanks, Al for the positive influence you had on me back when I was in high school. Kathy (Hall) Kendall

Keep the news flowing.... It's always good to hear from you. Al

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