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January 24, 2004


I heard a rumor that Sharon Rock was going to retire in February. I called her and asked her to send me an e mail telling me what was happening.

Sharon responded:

Al, here is what you asked for! Well, I finally did it. After thirty years with Bear Valley Unified School District, twenty-five of those at Big Bear High School, I am finally going to retire! My last day of work will be Friday, February 27th. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Twenty-five years of being somewhere at 7:00 a.m. is going to be a hard habit to break. But, even more exciting (and a little scary) we are moving. Our daughters are both married, teaching and each have two children, and living out of California. Michelle is in Burlington, Iowa and Kerri is in Yakima, Washington. It has been very hard leaving our grandchildren after each visit, (to all you BBHS alumni that I have ever given advice to, here is my best; don't go far from home, if you can help it, especially when your parents become grandparents; stay close enough so they can visit often) so when Kerri begged her Mom and Dad to move closer to her, we started thinking about it, and finally decided to give it a try. We have our house up for sale and Pete will be closing down the plumbing and heating business, as soon as he can finish up a few jobs he is still working on. Our hope is to be living in Yakima by this summer.

We have bought a lot and will be building a house. This is a big step for two people who have lived their entire life in Southern California, and Big Bear was our biggest move. I know I have been saying for years that each year might be my last, but June would roll around and I wanted to stay another year. Well, I am finally graduating!

Sharon Rock

(Editor's note: Sharon Rock has been a dedicated employee in our school district. She has served as secretary to the High School since 1976, except for a few years as the Administrative Assistant at North Shore. When she returned to the High School in 1999 she became the Administrative Assistant at the High School. She has worked for seven different principals of the High School: Waner, Shipley, Peavy, Hamilton, Nussbaum, Sievers, and Bruton. What a great service to our students and our community in the past 30 years. She will be missed.)


Received an interesting e mail from Patrick and Mallory Hattaway.

Remember Patrick was in the class of 1975 and enjoyed being in the outdoors. He graduated from Big Bear High and completed a History degree at CSC (now CSUSB) San Bernardino. Patrick has been a District Ranger in Grand Teton National Park since May and has spent more than 20-years with the government including assignments as a Deputy U. S. Marshal, Yosemite NP as a Park Ranger, and 8 years as a District Ranger at the Grand Canyon. In addition to his undergraduate degree, he attended two federal law enforcement academies and has maintained certifications in fire fighting, emergency medical technician, search & rescue, and boat operations. Mallory (Smith), his wife is also an employee with Grand Teton National Park overseeing commercial businesses. He reports that February temperatures can be -30 degrees in the Tetons. Patrickés email is; or if you visit Grand Teton, he can be reached at the North District Office in Colter Bay.

(Received an update form Patrick)

P.S. - So far it hasn't been too bad, only -21 degrees two weeks ago but there's 270+ inches of snow at Jackson Hole resort (76" of pack). Great skiing and a great mountain! Rode the gondola up with Tommy Moe on Saturday, some really amazing skiers around here that are Way out of my league after 8-years in AZ.

(Editors note: Eat your heart out all of you skiers in Big Bear).


AND THIS LEADS ME TO AN INTERESTING SURVEY. We asked last year about Big Bear Alumni who were teachers and received great responses from around the nation. For this new 2004 year, I am asking you alumni to send me an e mail and tell me what occupation you are in, like Patrick Hattaway, Ranger at Grand Teton National Park. Many alumni start coming to mind, Chris Poland, Earthquake CEO of one of the largest earthquake firms in the United States; Richard Kun, CEO of Snow Summit and Bear Mountain; Dr. Pete Bos, Emergency Physician at a clinic in Hemet to name a few. Be sure to tell me when you graduated from Big Bear High. Donét be shy. Send responses to or respond to this Stephen G. Mihayo BBHS Foundation e mail. We would love to share about your life with our alumni.


From: Kathy Kinch, Class of 94 comes this e mail:

So, Here it is the final date for our 10 year reunion. SEPTEMBER 18, 2004. We will be hosting it on Big Bear's Homecoming weekend. We are in the process of securing the Restaurant at the Robinhood Inn, where we will also be able to get great rates to stay for those of us who do not have family up there any more. We have the possibility of maxing out at about 120 people, So I need to start in a true head count of all you who are interested and those that we have yet to find. If you know anyone who is not on the contact list in some form, please send their information or send them mine to get in touch. We are hoping to do alot of the mailing and such over e-mail if at all possible, which will keep all of the rates down for everyone. So our itinerary for the weekend of Sept 17-19th is as follows:

  • - Friday night (17th) cocktail hour at either La Montana, Chad's or someplace downtown.
  • - Saturday (18th) we are all encouraged to attend the HS Homecoming Game, possibly do a float of our own, and that night have an adults only (with the exception of breastfeeding baby's being welcome also, I do not need any wise cracks) dinner hosted at the Robinhood Inn.
  • - Sunday (19th) informal family picnic at a park.

Please let me know if you are interested and send mailing addresses just in case we need them.

Be Well, Kathy, Johanna and Jenny

(and on the same day I received this additional message)

So I was just informed that the name of the restaurant for Saturday night is Nottingham at the Robinhood Inn, it is going to be fabulous!!!! I am trying to put a slide show together, I have alot of great photos all the way back to us being in Kindergarten, and would love help on photos from all of you!! I do not want to leave anybody out and I need either you to scan the photos and send them to me (make sure you shrink the image size) or mail them to me and I will scan them and mail them right back!!! We are looking to make this reunion alot of fun and would love any ideas that you may have on things to do or door prizes and such. Thanks for your time and we would love to hear back from you.

Be Well, Kathy Kinch

(Editors note: Good job, Kathy. Hope she hears from you.)


Sad Note: Tommy Sanchez, son of Tom and Jean Sanchez, died January 18, 2004. Tommy attended the schools in Big Bear while his dad was a highly respected teacher, principal of the High School and Assistant Superintendent of Business. Jean was an outstanding teacher at Big Bear Middle School. All of the Sanchez children, Tommy, Diane, Craig and Sandy attended Big Bear schools. Tommy was 51 years old and had been ill with cancer for over a year. Our prayers go out to the Sanchez family.

Pray for Snow in Big Bear!!!! Al
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