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What is the SGM Foundation Top

The Steven G. Mihaylo Big Bear High School Education Foundation was established by a gift of stock from Steven G. Mihaylo. As a graduate of Big Bear High School, Mr. Mihaylo made a generous endowment gift of his company's stock as a means of giving back to his alma mater. The substantial gift of $100,000 generates annual interest which is used to provide scholarships to graduating students of Big Bear High School, as well as opportunities for all teaching staff K-12 to apply for mini-grants to improve teaching and programs for students.

A second major contribution of funding to the SGM Education Foundation occurred in 1999, when retired custodian George Gray contributed $50,000 to the Foundation. Once again, as part of his spirited "match" campaign, Steven G. Mihaylo immediately matched Mr. Gray's generous gift, giving a large boost to the endowment fund.

These contributions, along with additional contributions from the community, bring the current value of the fund to nearly $250,000. It is part of the concept of an endowment fund that these funds will never be used, but rather the interest earned from these monies are utilized to support our scholarship and grant programs.

The SGM Big Bear High School Education Foundation was formally established in 1999 as a non-profit corporation for the purposes of awarding the scholarships and mini-grants, as well as seeking additional funds to enhance the endowment of the Foundation, and lead to even greater returns to the students of Bear Valley.

Foundation Mission Top

The Mission of the Steven G. Mihaylo Big Bear High School Education Foundation is, through fundraising, to award post secondary scholarships, and to provide resources which enrich and enhance educational programs that promote the academic, social, emotional development, and well being of students.

Foundation Beliefs Top
  • We believe the students of Bear Valley are the foundation of our valley’s future.
  • We believe that continued education and training is vital to the future of Bear Valley.
  • We believe in strengthening our education system through the creation of partnerships with the community, its businesses, and alumni.
  • We believe the community, its businesses, and its alumni wish to support and give back to educational programs in the Bear Valley School District.
  • We believe the community and alumni wish to support higher education and post secondary training for graduates.
  • We believe all students should have the opportunity for post secondary education and training regardless of economic standing.
  • We believe in the value of investing in people. We believe people should invest in the Bear Valley Education Foundation.

Foundation Objectives and Purpose Top
  • To solicit donations, gifts, and grants from public and private organizations and individuals.
  • To productively and safely invest funds to maximize income.
  • To allocate funds to support educational programs in the Bear Valley.
  • To award scholarships for post secondary training and education for graduates of Bear Valley.

Ways to Become Involved Top

Your Time:

We welcome participation in any of our standing committees. The committees and chairs are as follows:
    Scholarship Committee, Chair, Dr. Russ Reynolds Programs Committee, Chair, Mr. Jim Bolingmo Fund Raising Committee, Chair, Mr. Tom Johnson Public Relations Committee, Chair, Mr. Tony Kerst Investment Committee, Chair, Mr. Neal Waner

In addition, we need volunteers to participate on our annual capital campaign, when teams of people will seek contributions to the Foundation over a short, but intense, period of time.

Your Money:

Two levels of support
    Become a Donor: A Donor is one who gives a gift of money or other assets to the Foundation Present an Endowment Gift: This type of contribution could be at testamentary gift, or a gift of a charitable remainder trust.
Your Business:
    Become a Sponsor: A Sponsor is a business/individual which provides a program or a scholarship or some other educational support in an area of specific interest. Become a Foundation Partner: Foundation Partners pledge a gift of $1000 or more, and are listed on key documents: letterhead, newsletters, website, etc. Become a Corporate Sponsor: Corporate Sponsors pledge a gift of $5000 and are given recognition of the gift in the letterhead, newsletters, and website, etc.

Who is Steven G. Mihaylo? Top

Mr. Steven Mihaylo grew up in Southern California receiving a diploma from Big Bear High School in 1961. He attended California State University, Fullerton graduating with a BS in Accounting and Finance.

In 1969, Mr. Mihaylo founded Inter-Tel Inc., located in Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Inter-Tel Inc. Inter-Tel employs in excess of 1900 people with sales approaching $500,000,000 annually. The company is in its 36th year of operation. Inter-Tel has over 60 direct sales and support offices and a network of over 450 dealers throughout the United States. The company also has dealers in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

In 1981, Mr. Mihaylo donated 10,000 shares of Inter-Tel stock to the Bear Valley Unified School District. In 1998, these stock shares were sold and became the seed money for the Steven G. Mihaylo Big Bear High School Education Foundation, now worth $600,000 dollars.

In August 2004, five Big Bear High School students received scholarships from the foundation totaling $20,000 dollars. These scholarships were presented to the students and their parents at the First Annual Steven G. Mihaylo BBHS Education Foundation banquet which was attended by over 150 former alumni, district personnel and guests.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Mihaylo and the Steven G. Mihaylo BBHS Education Foundation, in January of 2004, two teacher teams were presented a total of $20,000 in mini-grant monies to enhance their classrooms. One grant was awarded for a portable computer lab while the second grant was awarded in the area of technology for students with special needs. In all, nine teachers and 200 students are positively affected by this gift.

Mr. Mihaylo has extended his generosity by pledging, on an ongoing basis, one-dollar for each dollar raised for the foundation.

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